Y Health and Wellness Centre Health Day


Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited (QHMS) worked with the HKYWCA Y Health and Wellness Centre to provide free health test to 100 members in the neighbourhood in the “Health Promotion Day”, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Registered nurses from QHMS conducted blood pressure measurement and atrial fibrillation tests for the public. Instant reports and professional health advice were provided so that the participants could be aware of any possible problems with their hearts and better manage their health.  

The Association would like to thank QHMS for taking part in the “Health Promotion Day” and its generosity to donate the atrial fibrillation devices to Y Health and Wellness Centre. The community can now enjoy free tests to monitor the condition of their hearts.

The self-financed Y Health and Wellness Centre is situated in YWCA Jockey Club Social Service Building. Apart from providing professional treatments, rehabilitation services and wellness trainings, it also organises different activities involving physiotherapists, occupational therapists and fitness coaches, to share health-related information and promote regular exercise.