Y Health and Wellness Centre participated in “JESSICA Run 2018”


Y Health and Wellness Centre provided basic assessment and professional consultation for participants of “JESSICA Run 2018”. HKYWCA staffs also formed a team to join the Team Challenge. 


The Association offered functional movement screen and the feedback was great. Participants were asked to perform a series of movements in order to test their functional patterning, mobility and motor control etc. The Association’s therapists then provided advices based on the screening results. They also showed how different training equipment, e.g. BOSU, Bodyblade etc., can help improve movement dysfunction. Besides, they demonstrated shaping workout and proper running posture on the stage, trying to arouse audiences’ attention to a good and healthy exercise habit. Apart from sharing professional knowledge, HKYWCA staffs also joined the 3-kilometers-run and ranked fifth in the competition. 


“JESSICA Run” was first held in 2007, and has been organised to promote health, as well as raise funds for those in need. Thanks for JESSICA’s invitation! The Association is pleased to be a part of the event to promote healthy lifestyle.